With the continuing expansion of the Internet and its growing use by critical services, their stability and availability becomes increasingly important. Incidents such as denial of service, theft or defacing can have serious consequences in financial, reputation and legal costs.

Whenever there's a cybersecurity incident, a quick and effective response is paramount. For that purpose CSIRT.UEVORA was born.

Who we are

The CSIRT.UEVORA (Computer Security Incident Response Team of University of Évora) is a team able to handle incidents related to computer security. It is composed of experts in computer security from the Serviços de Informática with the ability to find and solve these incidents.


It is the responsibility of CSIRT.UEVORA to give a first and swift response to cybersecurity incidents at University of Évora, focusing on the safeguard of information contained in its computer systems, as well as helping to fix eventually identified flaws.

It also proactively seeks to minimize risks and vulnerabilities in the computer systems of University of Évora and instill good information security practices in its academic community.